Ongoing Performance Partner

The Challenge

A newly launched start-up funded by Jaguar Land Rover, THE OUT came to us for help with building brand awareness and driving new customer acquisition from paid channels. With COVID upturning the world, confining people to their homes and restricting all travel, there was a big challenge to say the least! The question became how to build a strong brand despite the environment, and ride things out until travel returned. From 2021 onwards, people were again looking to book travel plans and new customer acquisition was back on the radar.

Strategic Development

After an in-depth market, consumer, competitor and channel opportunity research, we identified the key pain points and use cases of our more discerning and affluent target market that THE OUT wanted to target. We used this research to inform the development of brand building, mid-funnel and direct response creative content that would fuel our multi-channel, full-funnel strategy across Google ads, Facebook/IG, Programmatic. Our goal was to capture people who where both in-market and looking for transportation at peak times of the week, while also building brand awareness and recognition to increase our chances of conversion at a later date.

When it comes to targeting, it was essential that we quickly identified and optimised to our highest value customers. For THE OUT we achieved this by utilising a range of advanced targeting strategies, that allowed us to layer a series of demographic, interests and location based targeting criteria. These tactics allowed us to significantly narrow down our target audience and optimise through custom conversions for clients who were most likely to buy. The result, we achieve a whopping click through rate of over 8%.

By implementing a robust feedback loop with the creative team, we were able to quickly ascertain which content performed best for reach vs conversion and help keep campaigns fresh to avoid ad fatigue while continually optimising for peak performance.

Campaign Assets


Since the launch in 2020 we have been able to achieve a 68% increase in YOY booking value and a 61% reduction in cost per booking.


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