McDonalds & Red Consultancy


Boy did Christmas come early for us, working on our first project with McDonalds and the incredible Red Consultancy to create a series of ‘Faux OOH’ films for the launch of ‘Festive Wins’. Over a 3 week period we travelled across the UK, capturing UGC style footage of famous city landmarks before crafting an array of magical CG goodies to launch the ‘99p’ campaign. 

Concept Development

With a very short time frame to complete the project it was vital that a collaborative creative process was developed in order to deliver the films in the required lead time. With London, Birmingham & Edinburgh shortlisted as our cities of choice and hero offers quickly determined by the client we set to work on storyboarding concepts for our short films – utilising a sketch & toon style to help visualise how each vignette would come to life. In addition to capturing test shots on location in Oxford Circus, we created a prototype using existing 3D models and LiDar scanning software on location as a proof of concept. 


Dodging some truly horrendous weather in the UK we sent out our small, but perfectly formed, crew across the country to each city location – capturing test shots each morning to allow for speedy review and approvals from client, before capturing the final shots at sun down in each location. In tandem with the shoot production our team of 3D animators and VFX Artists set out creating models of each CG asset to build style frames and pre-visualisations of each vignette. 

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