Product Launch

Project Overview

The Intabio ZT is the latest instrument from SCIEX, the leaders in the quantification of molecules. This powerful machine is the making of years of industry research, technological development and, most importantly, feedback, testing and insights from Bio Pharma customers. 

This key piece of technology solves a critical problem in the development of new therapies and helps deliver new drugs to market faster, and in the development of new, complex next-generation therapies – making their customers pursuit of drug development truly unstoppable.   

Launching at ASMS 2023, Pebble Studios were tasked with producing an exciting, informative and arresting animation that highlighted the technology, its use cases and benefits to a discerning audience of industry leaders. 

Design Development

With such an important product launch it was vital that we created a visual treatment that captured the attention and imagination of our audience, but with little previous brand awareness in the Bio Pharma industry, we had the opportunity (and challenge) of creating a new visual style and tone of voice for SCIEX with this film.

With a superb script provided by our talented friends at Boulder we set to work building a design language and visual narrative that elevated the key attributes of the technology and the overarching product benefits to its customers.  

With such a discerning and learned audience it was vital that our design and animation style delivered the key technological and scientific proof points, but we also looked to lean on the more emotive aspects of the creative concept and script – utilising beautiful colour palettes, stunning 3D exploded product views, kinetic glass typography and a shifting, slide puzzle like environment to visualise the speed of change within the industry. 


Our film would be displayed in many formats, but we knew that its premiere would be delivered via a 20m screen at ASMS 2023. With this in mind, we wanted to create a highly cinematic and dynamic visual experience for our viewers.  

Utilising the bold design style, we wanted to build an environment and pace that teased the viewer with dark, silhouetted product shots that hero’d the all-important customer needs and wants via beautiful glass-like textured 3D typography. To visualise the ‘new dawn’ of SCIEX’s flagship product we created a stunning ethereal world that perfectly complimented the instrument and it’s exploded 3D views before transitioning to our puzzle-like floor plane environment to reveal and elevate the key proof points of the technology. 

Created in a blend of Cinema 4D and After Effects, our team of producers, animators, artists and designers worked with Boulder to craft a stunning film that perfectly balanced the delivery of informative and technical detail with beautiful design, cinematic animation and visual storytelling.  

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