Integrated Product Campaign

Project Overview

Despite bringing regular world-changing innovations to market, the life sciences technology category is prone to underwhelming when it comes to launching their latest products.

SCIEX recognised this opportunity and approached the Boulder Group to revamp the branding and marketing of their latest accurate mass instrument, the ZenoTOF 7600 and Zeno SWATH Data Independent Acquisition. With such game-changing innovation on display, it felt only appropriate that the marketing should match.

The ultimate ambition is to be seen as market leaders in the quantification of molecules across all platforms, including accurate mass spectrometry.

Creative Strategy

SCIEX promotes ‘The Power of Precision’ with frequent innovations that continue to deliver greater precision to their customers. This ambition was captured with the proposition ‘Be Extraordinary’.

The supporting creative identity needed to envision this bold intent, taking inspiration from the product value proposition of bringing the future forward and enabling rare quantifiable data to become your everyday.

Creative (ZenoTOF 7600)

Every so often an instrument is unveiled that doesn’t just move the frontiers of science forward, but delivers a significant leap. The ZenoTOF 7600 is that instrument, empowering scientists to rethink what is now possible. ‘Product lab’ environment allowed us to tell the story that what happens within the four walls of a scientist’s lab, can have profound and far-reaching impact outside of it. By combining this ‘projection mapped’ aesthetic with technical deep-dives into the instrument, we were able to capture both the features and the benefits of this powerful technology.

The disassembling of molecules needed appropriate scientific rigour, so we worked closely with the SCIEX team to craft a visualisation that would excite scientists while still being both credible and accurate.

Creating an Immersive Digital Experience

Not content with building the typical landing page experience, we set about developing a fully immersive hospitality suite. Here, users could explore the intricate details of the product while also diving deeper into the ethos of the company.

Creative (Zeno SWATH DIA)

Following the hugely successful launch of the ZenoTOF 7600 instrument, SCIEX had the opportunity to accelerate their credentials in accurate mass and re-establish themselves as market leaders in biomarker discovery with the implementation of their Zeno SWATH DIA technology.

Launching at ASMS, the annual global showcase for mass spectrometry, we subverted the typical product launch approach. Rather than focusing on the product features, we took audiences on a conceptual journey of discovery, helping them understand the wider context and potential impact of this innovation on the field of biomarker research. The project was masterfully executed by our in-house production studio Pebble, who used pioneering Unreal animation techniques to turn the vision into a reality.


The campaign launched across multiple channels, including YouTube, Facebook and email, all driving to a product specific landing page where prospects could navigate additional details and request further information.

The content had further visibility across SCIEX’s wider web presence, industry events, and the annual keynote product reveal – delivered virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions.

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