Bluestone Mortgages
Integrated Campaign

The Problem

Bluestone provides mortgages for people with complex credit histories. These fit into five main categories that cover a wide range of needs. Yet while their product portfolio is excellent, Bluestone lacked market awareness within the mortgage-broking community. Brokers simply didn’t understand or relate to the Bluestone offering.

The Big Idea

When it comes to campaign ideas, we know that while ‘creative’ is great, ‘relevant’ matters too. So we took inspiration from the reality TV show ‘The Undateables’, and created a suite of five characters we called ‘The Unlendables’.

Each one had a characteristic – from self-employed status to adverse credit history – that made them unattractive to high street lenders. Yet every one of them could be a desirable and profitable option for brokers who signed up to the Bluestone Mortgages platform.

Embracing Change

Financial Services in general – and sub-prime mortgage lending in particular – can be a cold and impersonal experience, for brokers and their clients alike. Our thinking was to change the paradigm by transforming ‘people with poor credit histories’ into real and very relatable people: The Unlendables.

In the process, we hoped to change broker perceptions, by making it clear that Bluestone could enable them to help people with even the most complex mortgage applications.

Cross Channel Roll Out

We created a total of 30 individual assets to support the end-to-end acquisition of new broker customers. These ranged from a hero ad and ad cut-downs to bespoke campaign landing pages. 

We also adopted a systematic approach that; 

  • Identified the key customer touchpoint across every stage of the buying journey 
  • Tested multiple audience segments to find pockets of untapped opportunity
  • Used existing partnerships and tactical placements to create brand affinity and build a stronger connection with the audience 
  • Used a mixture of sophisticated targeting and automation to create bespoke customer journeys to all our different personas
  • Tested multiple lead and conversion incentives in order to lift conversion rates

The six month campaign exceeded every KPI we had been set, delivering a total of 309 new Broker sign ups to the platform, a CPA 57% lower than target and achieving a 97% increase in traffic to the website.


Registration enquiries.


Leads generated over target.


Increase in email performance.

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