Monzo’s Growth Strategy: How they Acquired 5 Million Users in 5 Years.

A 80 page in-depth analysis of Monzo’s strategic growth and marketing decisions. A must read for any CEO, Marketing Director or Manager looking to learn from one of the best.

    What’s included…

    Building a community.

    Learn how Monzo built an army of Monzonauts to help drive referral demand.

    Strategic Growth Insights

    Insights into why Monzo were primed for growth where others failed.

    Marketing Theory

    Learn marketing theory in the practical context of Monzo.

    Performance Insights

    Included are tried and tested techniques to improve campaign performance.


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    Top tips

    As well as analysing Monzo’s strategy, we’ve included some quick wins to get you started.

    About the Author

    Charlie Bevan is the current Co-CEO and previous head of strategy at the Boulder Group and has spent over a decade consulting for some of the largest Life Science, Finance and Technology businesses in the world.

    Having spent the first 5 years of his career on the trading floor at HSBC, he decided his real passion lies is helping people understand complex products and services and the innovative application of technology to help educate and inspire.

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