Introducing Meteor: A Letter from our PR Director

Meteor, the new PR studio founded by Boulder Group, has landed. 

There’s no doubt that more has changed in the last 24 months than 24 years, and if someone from 1999 was skyrocketed into the dizzy heights of 2023, they would be forgiven for thinking some kind of meteor had struck, or extra-terrestrial invasion perhaps had taken place. With so much change, disruption and evolution across technology, society, the economy, and planet, a lot of responsibility now lies with business leaders to act and communicate responsibly.

We’re here on that basis to deliver the (out-of-this-world)) PR services required to help companies navigate that change, and to authentically communicate as they scale.

At the outset we’re putting our time towards advising start-ups, high-growth companies and seismic brands looking to make waves in their industry – but that of course extends to any marketing leaders with a start-up mentality, too. We know it’s not easy building and scaling companies, from driving investor attention to building buy-in to your vision, and firmly believe that PR is an essential part of the toolkit.

We’re focused on providing media relations, strategic campaigns, profile building, thought leadership and sustainability advisory across primarily financial, technology, life sciences, B2B and ESG/charity sectors.

Having worked for the past 11 years across big corporates, nimble start-ups and purpose-led businesses, I’m so excited to be embarking on this new journey, and particularly about working with innovative, forward-thinking and high-growth companies. 

Please check out our website if you’d like to learn more!


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